January 04, 2016


We were up around 6:00am; prayed; ate pizza for breakfast; vacuumed and done the wash. I made my bed; we took down the trash; went to the store; fed the outdoor cat; talked to a white big dog; told the volunteer office we are taking a day off.  Back - fed the inside cat; hung the wash; washed dishes; made a chicken-hamburger-veggies- soup; heat my coffee, and now I am preparing to study the Excel Scot told me to learn while willie is studying at his station.

It is 9:20am and I love being a senior!

Eucalyptus Leaves
The doctor told me last week to use a grandmother remedy - boil water, pour into a bowl, add eucalyptus oil or leaves, stick my head in it with a towel over my head and breathe in…No problems, with the storm we had, we were able to collect lots of leaves. It fills the house with fantastic smell.  I have good physicians; they opt for the natural remedies before medications.

It is 9:30am and I love being a senior! Such freedom…

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