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August 15, 2023

9th B'Av & A Bilingual Myna Bird


Shalom my friends,

I haven't written to you for a while, did not feel encouraged to do so. Today, however, I believe it is time to share.

As you know, Willie and I were called to Israel over 15 years ago. Our task was to pray for the protection of the Northern border. We settled in the northern city of Nahariya and we've been praying ever since. Along the way, God added to us, other prayer warriors. Two of them met us as we arrived in Israel and still meet us faithfully each month, with additional contact as needed in between. Others, in Israel and the rest of the world, are praying with us as the Lord leads.

We are staying busy. Willie still writes a devotional the “daily manna” which he emails out, (you can sign up at: Asherembassy@gmail.com) he also added a weekly live video (you can watch and subscribe to on youtube at: Willie's Daily Manna 2023). Also, we volunteer in the local hospital and with the Older Folks at Social Security (Bituach Leumi) offices.

Since I can remember, Israeli politics has been surrounded by wars and rumors of wars. When the media hype the possibilities of war, we continue in our prayers for peace. Daily we are asking God for protection and for exposing the lies. These are lies and types of advertising that spread fear among the people. Thus far, God answered our prayers. In the years we lived here, Nahariya experienced two days in which rockets came our way and only one when the sirens sounded. For an Israeli city that suffered destruction from bombing 2nd highest during the 2006 Lebanon War, this is miraculous.

We thank God for answering our prayers and for His protection.

In the past little while the rumors intensified. People have communicated in social media and other media outlets that Israel is on the verge of a Civil War, as well as, expecting attacks on all its borders. These expressions were the result of the Israeli government trying to pass new laws that were racist. The current coalition is different from the ones before. This one has an ultra-religious element in it. These members seem to be extreme in their violent behaviour and opinions. Swear words, shouting, and threats are often heard during the Knesset meetings. The citizens at large do not feel comfortable or safe with their representatives. To increase the discomfort, the coalition tried to pass a law that sounded racist and degrading to several minority groups, including the secular majority. The people felt that the government was trying to divide the nation and cause hate and discrimination among the citizens.

On January 7, 2023, the Nation went to the streets in protest.

The protests lasted 18 weeks. The issues were diverse but the feeling that the nation wanted unity was always the same. The last rally had an estimated 1 million people in the streets. They marched to Jerusalem from everywhere in the country in an extreme heat wave. Not all for the same issue. Not all behave humanely – there were violent outbursts. But these were the few. The day was highlighted by the opposition members leaving the Knesset in protest while only the coalition members stayed. 64 votes counted “Yes” for a law that the citizens marched against. Appeals were presented immediately and the Judges who were in a conference outside the country closed “shop” and returned right away to their posts.

Willie and I continued to pray asking God to bring peace back to His nation and to avoid wars. We asked for protection against the enemy within and the foe without.

Meanwhile, the surrounding nations, with the Hezbollah leading the pack, raised their heads spouting hate and threats, erecting tents outside the borders, and talking war since Israel is at its weakest.

Willie and I continued to pray and God specifically answered, “It is not a time for wars”. We stood on that promise, believing.

Today is the 9th of Av. It is a day of Fast, remembering events that happened to our nation over time. Major events such as the destruction of both temples; expelling Jews from England in 1290 and from Spain in 1492; the start of WWI in 1914, and the first killing in Treblinka in 1942 which became the mass murder of 6 million Jews. To name a few in a long list of events which occurred on the 9th of Av. It is a day of mourning. The “Lamentation” – a book in the bible – is read today in public prayers.

Every year a disaster or a calamity is expected to happen on this day.

Yesterday, Willie read a heading in a newspaper. It reported that Hezbollah will not attack Israel and not go to war at this time because they don't want to give PM Netanyahu an opportunity to escape his jail sentence.

Today at 10:44, a group of terrorists from Al-Ayyash Battalion in the Jenin area, who are affiliated with the Hamas terror group, fired a rocket towards an Israeli town, Ram-on in the Gilboa Regional Council. No casualties.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (Matthews 24:6)

At 05:50 this morning, when we woke up, the Myna birds were talking in our windows. They usually call, “Bediuk, Bediuk” which is a Hebrew word for, “Exactly, Exactly”. This morning they spoke English. They called, “Breakthrough, Breakthrough”.

God, the creator of all things, is speaking through His creation.

God had given us a breakthrough. We are thankful.

In His Name,

From Nahariya, Israel

with Love,

Orith (and Willie) Cunningham

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